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  • Why customize cotton backpacks?
    Why customize cotton backpacks?

    Er zijn veel redenen om voor een katoenen rugzak te kiezen om te bedrukken. Het proces begint met het selecteren van het juiste rugzakmodel. Rugzakken zijn beschikbaar in vele stijlen en maten, zodat ze kunnen voldoen aan de behoeften van verschillende mensen. Van grote rugzakken die geschikt zijn voor wandelen tot kleinere versies die perfect zijn voor dagelijks gebruik, er is een katoenen rugzak die perfect past bij jouw behoeften. Daarbij komt dat je kunt kiezen voor het bedrukken van deze...

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  • Welcome to Hidalgo
    Welcome to Hidalgo

    Hidalgo Bags and More has been around since 1993 and our specialty is bags, water bottles, shakers and sports towels. Our head office is located in the Netherlands. Here the sales team provides advice, the graphics department is busy designing and we are happy to welcome you to our showroom. In the early years, Hidalgo was only active on the Dutch market, but we now work with more than 1,800 customers in 16 countries.

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  • Which file can I upload my logo?
    Which file can I upload my logo?

    We work with a number of different types of files. We ask for this to guarantee optimal printing. .Ai, .EPS, .PDF, .PSD, .JPEG, .PNG. Here you will find more information about these file formats, what they mean and how we would like them delivered.

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  • What is the difference between canvas and cotton?
    What is the difference between canvas and cotton?

    Canvas tote bags are durable bags that are widely used for carrying different types of items. They are made from the same material that painters often paint on, also known as canvas. How ironic, right? Canvas is a sturdy and durable fabric made from cotton. This cotton has been specially treated to make it strong and water resistant. That's why canvas is perfect for bags that need to carry everything from groceries to beach gear. Back to our main question, "what are canvas tote bags?". Simply...

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  • How can cotton bags be printed?
    How can cotton bags be printed?

    Cotton bag printing has become a popular choice among businesses and individuals alike. Why is it like that? Easy. Cotton bags are not only eco-friendly and reusable, but they are also stylish and versatile. And, printed cotton bags are a great way to spread a message or promote a brand

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